Osteopathy / The osteopathic consultation

The osteopathic consultation

During the first osteopathic consultation you will go through your background information and health history.

Then the osteopath will examine your (upright position and mobility) manually in order to find the reason for the problem you present. With the help of the information from the manual examination the osteopath gains an insight into the character of the problem. The chosen manual treatment will vary according to need and health status. The osteopath will create a treatment plan for you.

What we treat

Issues that we commonly treat:

  • pain and reduced range of motion in the shoulder area
  • headaches and migraines
  • neckache
  • rib dysfunctions
  • low back pain
  • nerve compression and disc problems
  • low back pain during pregnancy
  • elbow and hand pain and numbness
  • hip and knee problems
  • functional problems with digestion
  • twisted ankles
  • stress
  • stiffness
  • and other complaints

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